Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Xmas Haul

Well, the holidays are over and boy am I glad. It’s exhausting when three young boys are involved.
This year, we started a new concept for the holidays. For one thing, when the children made a Christmas list, it wasn’t about what they wanted to get, it was a list of things to give and people to give them to.
I got five great CD’s, a bunch of lovely books on classical art and classical music, about which I know nothing, but I need to learn it if I want to be in this family. Which, I do.
The other development has been that Monsieur asked me if I had a passport, and since I don’t, he paid for my application for one. I asked him if that meant we were traveling anywhere, and he said, “It is just in case I do need to travel, this time I would like for you and the boys to come along.”
Well, I thought, I can do that. I went to Kinko’s and had the photos made, and I still had an extra copy of my birth certificate. So, I gathered that all together and went to the post office one day, and I turned in the application and affirmed that I was an American. We’ll see if the State Department thinks I’m too dangerous to move freely.


super des said...

I hope you get to go somewhere fun. And I love that you're included.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year! A passport sounds like a great beginning...at least the whole world is at your fingertips now, right? (That didn't sound quite as corny in my head).

Maryse said...

I only hope you haven't got Suzie Arioli's cd ... I mailed it few days before Xmas ... best regards to Monsieur ... and Happy New Year to each of you - I really hope you will travel. I know you will enjoy. And yes, kids change the way things usually go lol I have to deal with my husbands's ones (I am so not gifted with adolescents) and I had my son to dinner last night. Well my grandson being there, it was impossible to have a real conversation but it was fun to babysit whilst my son and his spouse went shopping.