Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prendre le congé

OK, I’m not going to go back and post-edit like I usually do, second-guessing myself and trying to make sure every sentence makes sense. I’m just going to put this up.
OK, here’s what’s up.
About a week after my last post (yes I know it’s been two months, but there’s a damn good reason and I’m getting to it) Monsieur and I went to dinner, a very lovely romantic one in Austin at a place that looks like a tree house. I got manicotti; ; he had the fish.
After dinner, I didn’t want dessert and he rarely gets it. We went outside and sat under a huge oak tree. Then he handed me this big freaking diamond ring.
“It was my grandmother’s,” he said. He asked me to marry him.
I suddenly had to pee – really badly.
“What’s the catch?” I asked.
“You are,” he replied.
Damn, he’s good.
We talked a lot. Most of what we talked about will remain private, readers. I’m sorry but it has to be that way. One of the things we talked about was this very blog, which I didn’t know he was even aware. But, he was, and he told me it bothered him that I was showing myself to the world, and talking about deeply personal stuff between the two of us, and generally not safeguarding my privacy and respecting our relationship.
I was embarrassed, and as a result I did two things: deleted picture posts, and didn’t add anything else.
Telling my mom that we were engaged created all kinds of grief between her and me about the wedding and how big it should be and what should happen and where it should be done. Also, among the aunts in my family. I didn’t want that, so about ten minutes later we decided to elope. Which we did, about two weeks ago. So now I’m Mrs. Monsieur.
(A very good friend of mine calls this “burying the lede,” and I suspect he hates it when I do this.)
I don’t know if I’m going to continue this blog, given how it’s public and all. I don’t want to make it Blogger ID-only; and taking it down would be the right thing to do. (I’m definitely not putting up any pictures again!) If I do another blog, I’ll do two things: I’ll hide it from the world, and make it “invitation only”.
In any event, I will at least leave it up for a while. Thanks for reading. You know how to get hold of me, unless you aren’t supposed to.