Sunday, February 20, 2005

Wasting the Evening

Hung out listening to Maggie at the Piano in an online brothel. (Please see my previous posts here , here, and here, regarding Lady Ann’s.) There’s a couple of nice guys there and a pretty hot girl, who I’m still not convinced isn’t really “Maggie” in a different screen name.
  • Hot Guy #1 I’ll call E. Single, nerdy, likes soccer, totally Blue as in Blue State. Lives in Oregon. Affects English sensibilities and syntax. My type all right. Well, the English thing should go. Other than that, he’s a bit of all right.
  • Hot Guy #2 I’ll call DB. DB is married, really hysterically funny, totally in love with Maggie. Never has even seen her. He’s in denial about how much he’s crazy about Maggie but a girl can tell. He’s a bit of all right, too. Won’t mess around with me. Why is that so attractive?
  • Hot Girl is a hottie. Let’s call her CM. She’s funny and cool. Total horn dog, kinda like me. Comes in to “hook up”; she’s pretty open and totally frank about what she likes and getting it. I really, no really, thought she was Maggie in another screen name, and the reasons why are kind of embarrassing:
    • she’s Asian
    • she’s got that open, healthy, relaxed sort of sexuality about her
    • “Maggie” was really pushing her as one of the sexier people, and lots of fun to hook up with: “You’d love her, she’s smart and funny.”
    • She’s smart
    • She’s funny
    • I think I have a crush on her
    OK, not that much compelling evidence (like they say on Crossing Jordan), but I really thought she was “Maggie” until they were both online at the same time. I’m sure she’s someone else now, but I’ve already totally thrown myself at her already.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I’m not ignoring her, she’s shut up in the Tower

OK M got someone to PM me and to beg for me to call her.
So I did. Apparently she’s being blocked from chat and can only e-mail. What. The. Fuck.
Apparently she got on voice and chatted with some chick, and now she’s in trouble because she’s not allowed to do that, by D. It’s part of some agreement they have about the whole online chat thing.
Still, I do not get it, how two married people who are otherwise mature and grown-up can have this thing where if she does something wrong, he punishes her. Well, if it works for them, then I wish them all the happiness.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

That Bastard, Act I, scene I

That bastard. That shitty fecking bastard; I let him get away with anything everything and all.
He was boinking his ex. His best friend’s girl. I found the evidence that he didn’t even make an attempt to hide. He lied and he lied. I know he did. All those times he was late from work, all those times he was playing ball….
It’s over, I moved out. I would have kicked him out but he’s the one who wanted to live there, not me so much.
If only it were anyone but Rebecca. Why did it have to be Rebecca? The skank, whore sleazey slut queen of them all. His ex. Bigger chested, naughtier. Legs like a stripper’s, not my chicken legs. I know why he likes her. Men are all alike.
I’m moved out, I’m living on the street. I refuse to be a victim I’m gonna live in my car and the last thing I need is to come crawling begging to some one like Mademoiselle D who will only cluck and say “told ya so” (in French) and … and … I couldn’t bear it.
Those lurkers* who remember from my UMKC blog, Mademoiselle D was my room mate, who is perfect, beautiful, brilliant and successful. A law degree. Working on a medical degree. D’s sister, “Maggie’s” sister-in-law. Legs up to there. Well, to hell with her. I will not ask; I will not give her the satisfaction. I am glad that I got all of my CDs and my clothes. And the Glenlivet. (It’s mine. What’s left of it.)
Here I am at Muddy’s and I’m on the Wi-Fi. Sigh. Fucking fucking FUCKED over again.
*what lurkers? who am I kidding? no one reads this but me.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Trouble, right here in River City

M did something wrong and I dunno what. All I know is she’s in trouble with D. I hope it’s not about me, and I hope she gets back on soon.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Memo from the Tramp/Jezebel/Hussy

Don’t know what I did. Called to “Maggie” again and got D, chit chatted with him, kinda flirted and he was cool. “Maggie” called me and told me in no uncertain terms to ‘please just stop calling him, ok?’ I mean what. The. Fuck. She’s on a chat room all night doing god knows how many people - men AND women and she has the freaking B-A-L-L-Z to tell me that. Well lemme clue you in, dear: he’s an adult and he would tell me if I crossed a line. Anyway she said goodBYE in a way that makes me think I’m not gonna hear from her again. Fine. Blocked her #, ignored her PMs.