Friday, February 23, 2007

Sick Bed

I had the WORST case of flu I’ve ever had this last couple weeks. I am just getting over it.
Of course, I got it from the school kids. E gave it to me, I gave it to Bigglest Boy, then Littlest Boy. Middlest Boy only got sniffles. Monsieur, damn him, didn’t get anything. He never gets sick. I was hating on him so badly last week, laying in bed, coughing up my lungs between runs for the bathroom. He was all chipper and concerned at the same time. I asked him why he never even got a hangnail, and he said, “Don’t you remember? I had a strained back just two weeks ago!”
Oh, right, I thought, I stand corrected.
Monsieur’s maternal grandfather is still alive at age 96. His maternal grandmother probably would have lived as long, but died from complications from a car accident that she was in at age 84.
“Why don’t you ever get sick?” I asked him.
“I’m not sure that I know,” he replied. “I eat well and I work on my feet every day or so.”
“How would you define ‘eating well’?” I asked.
“Well, about food choices, it’s pretty simple: Eat food. Don’t eat very much food. And don’t eat very much of your food as milk.”
“What do you mean by ‘eat food’?” I asked. “Everyone eats food.”
“Food,” he said, pulling up a chair and sitting down, “means things close to how they were when growing. Don’t cook the vegetables too much. Don’t refine the grains and sugars too much. For example, white flour and polished rice are not really food. They may taste good, but they’re not food. Not any more.”
“I pretty much eat what you eat,” I pointed out.
“Yes, you do, and you exercise often and you stay active,” he agreed.
“So why do I get sick and you don’t?” I whined.
“I honestly cannot tell you,” he admitted.
I grumbled, turning over and putting my face into the pillow.


Anonymous said...

if you are interested in my new "completely french" blog ... add me on yahoo as the invitation is for goldbait too - thanks sweety - I hope you are doing better - I had a bad flu too ... spent a day in bed but after 8 days I was ok - Hugs -

super des said...

Monsieur is a super hero. I saw that in a movie once. Though the movies wasn't very good.

Ry said...

I remember I went years without getting a major cold. Then, while I was deployed last year, we were stuck in old dorms that killed my immune system. Ever since, I just have not felt 100%. I know that, for me, stress and sleep are major factors in my health; and if I get too little of the latter and have too much of the former, then I’m a goner. I am glad that you’re feeling better, and hopefully with spring and summer coming, you’ll get a nice break (especially from those germy school kids).

introspectre said...

Poor dear. I wish I was there to cook you soup. Since you aren't a vegetarian, I could feed you my homemade Polish Penicillin (chicken noodle soup). My father claims using garlic in it is next to blaspemy, but I think he is a silly man who doesn't know what he's missing.
My husband tends to refer to the broth as some sort of magical liquid gold.
Oh dear. I feel a blog coming on. That's good, since I'm knocked flat myself and can barely write.