Sunday, December 26, 2004

the Xmas haul

I got a necklace, three CD’s (one from Scott, very romantic; one from Jules, one from Trey), a sweater, a bunch of cash from uncle, aunt, daddy, “Maggie” and D gave me some (I bet) lovely wine from D’s brother in France (he says his brother makes it himself – is there no end to this guy?) and cards from all over even one from Mel in Oregon.
(Melissa. Damn that reminds me I need to write her.)
“Maggie” is easily the hottest fucking piano player on the planet. I realize now it’s not just a silly girl friend crush. I want her so-o-o-o bad and I don’t care who reads this. I was never one for strange bi/lesbian tendencies but I look into her eyes and I melt.
We stayed up late last night talking about this and that and giggling till all hours on the couch and I was so freaking turned on and so crazy for her by the time I left Mademoiselle D’s to go home. I could have jumped her right then and there. Damn, damn damn damn.
She’s so easy to talk to and still so smart.
Then it got steamy. This may not be verbatim but: She mentioned some actress she was hot for, someone from like the ‘50’s (for real?!) and then I paused and then I said, “You ever kiss a girl before?”
Long pause, she looks at me kinda sideways and sips her tea… and so demurely … and she goes, “of course. Haven’t you?”
I turned totally red. I couldn’t help it.
I said, “well, not really.”
“But you want to?”
“Well… depends on the girl.”
“Well, no duh, right?”
I giggle and the giggle kind of trails off… and I look at her, and said, “But I think I will, soon.”
“Oh yeah? Anyone I know?”
“Well… I mean, ‘Maggie’, c’mon I think you know I love you.”
“Aww, that’s sweet. But I don’t mess around on D.”
A pout from me. “Not even one little kiss?”
“Now, [Yearning Heart] I think you know where that would lead, don’t you?”
“Oo! Tell me!” my eyes gleaming.
She leans closer to me. “With you, face down, in my lap.”
AAGGHHHHhhhh!!! My mind screams but I turn away. Then I look back at her and say, “Don’t be so sure. I might not like girls THAT much.”
“Liar. Want some more tea?”
Someday, I’ll get you, my pretty, and your delicious hunky husband too, both of you.

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