Thursday, December 02, 2004

More fun, and yes, I’m a nerd

87th percentile nerd
Guy in Dramaturg Class: Oh, like you’d date a nerd.
the Yearning Heart: [witheringly penetrating look] …but, sir, I AM a nerd:
A young farm hand was walking past the fenced-in front yard of an elderly lady. He had a pitchfork in his left hand, a bag of feed over his right shoulder and was leading a goat by a short rope in his right hand. As he passed the old lady, who was rocking on her porch, he doffed his hat and said, “Howdy, ma‘am.”
“Don’t you ‘howdy’ me!” she replied. “You’re just planning on taking advantage of a woman who’s all alone!”
He stopped, bewildered, and said, “Ma’am, how could I do a thing like that? My hands are full!”
She answered, helpfully, “You could lean the pitchfork against the fence and set the feed next to it. I’ll hold the goat.”

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