Friday, March 18, 2005

Amazon sells Astroglide

An on line store my mom actually shops at sells lube. And vibes. That’s so cool.
I never really had a need for this; I don’t “do anal” - ok well I don’t do it more than a finger and usually a lick is all it takes. Like Gay Trey sez, “If it isn’t spit, it isn’t love.” But isn’t it great that Amazon - Amazon - sells “personal care” items that are illegal to own in Bible Belt states?
It is illegal to buy a vibrator (unless it’s for medical purposes) in Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, Virginia, Louisiana and Massachusetts….
Massachusetts? For real?
Then again, the various governments are always getting in your pants, any way they can. I thought Republicans were all about personal responsibility, and against big government.

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