Thursday, August 11, 2005


I’m gonna take on a new assignment, in addition to the ones I already am struggling with. It seems Middle Boy has always wanted to play soccer but Mama couldn’t take him because of the mountain of commitments she already had.
I told him I’d be delighted to take him. There’s a group for the home schooled kids in this area and we went and checked it out. They meet at the Soccer Fields in the local central park. I got to talking to SK, one of the coaches, and she practically begged me to help coach when she found out I played in high school.
So, I’m now an assistant coach.
I even have a whistle.


amber said...

Does this make you an offical "Soccer Mom"? (i think it does! *giggles*)

the Yearning Heart said...

More like a "Soccer Nanny," actually.