Friday, November 18, 2005


Happy HNT! What does this photo represent, you ask?
Well, it’s the shadow that the bookcase in my old room upstairs casts, when the sun comes through the Venetian blinds just right. There’s a lamp on it, and a few scattered knick-knacks. My blue jean-clad leg is to the lower left.
Why is this significant?
It isn’t. It is but a mere shadow of my former shelf.
(I couldn’t resist.)

So this nun is taking a bath in her room, and she hears a knock.
“Who is it?” she asks.
“Blind man,” a voice says.
Blind man, she thinks. Well, I guess that’s OK. “Come on in,” she says from the bath.
The man enters, takes a look at her and says, “Nice rack. Where do you want me to hang your blinds?”


Cardman said...

When I was a kid at home I used to love to sit in the sunny spot that came through the window when it was cold outside. Your photo reminded me of doing that...

The Venting Housewife said...

HA! What a naughty clean joke...It was dark and snowy here shadows :(