Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cleaning out some old files

I found this handwritten on a sheet of graph paper in Maggie’s file cabinet. I have no idea what it is.

Supplemental Superheroes Guild: “If you need us, well, we'll try to stop by.”
Adequate Man
Mylar Man
The Goggle Lord
Mr. Velcro
The Sidekick Kid
The Phantom Egg Master
Cotton Man
The Clown
The Scarlet Wench
Dr. Speed
The Gay Pimpernel
The Stroller
Nembutal the Mystic
The Incredible Lunk
The Shyster
Sgt. Nick Gore (Nicole?)
Mr. Tripod
The Intimidator
Chat Man
The Laughing Priest
Belt Man
The Furnisher
The Lunatic Bitch
Lunch Man
Thrush Girl
Cable Boy
The Waitress
The Snoop
The Babysitter
The Owl Doctor
The Folkster
The Limper
The Dozer
The Paisley Ninja
Blind Man
Disco Queen
Pork Pie
Mr. United States
The Caped Cardinal
Grackle, The Boy Anomaly
The Pusher
The Corpse
Sump Dweller
Routine Boy
The Flea
The Loser
Mr. Simmer
Goose Man
Black Guy
Insurance Man
The Bladder King
The Green Cloak
Dr. Timeshare
The Borrower
The Puzzler
Punk Buster
The Sash
The Leaning Man
Captain Pauper
The Liniment Master
Dr. Spooky
The Spackler
Bundt King
The Gardener


super des said...

was she writing a comic book? because I might read that.

the Yearning Heart said...

I have no idea what she was writing. I have another list I just found, that is equally bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she nicknamed all the people in her life and memories...that would be quite fun actually. Hehe...

laurenblogs said...

You should turn in into a contest!!! Which of these people would you be abd why...

I would be the The Phantom Egg Master... but only because he sounds SUPER cool... if I wasn't so dead tired I might be able to think of a better reason!!!

So speaking of finding weird things, I have been thinking all kinds of weird thoughts latley about burning, or trashing all my old journals, for perhaps this purpose... I would be scared if anything happened to me, that no one would have any clue what I was ever talking about.

So weird or not... whicj super guy would you be??

whoami929 said...

Isn't it weird what kids do in their spare time? I'd love to know the thought process that went into that list. Kids are incredible!

introspectre said...

Oh (laughs and laughs) oh! That is HILARIOUS and so totally something I would do! I give friends of mine super hero names all the time, and even just yesterday told my husband I was going to make him a cape and embroider "Super Information Dispenser Guy" on it. He was just on a roll, every time I would make a rhetorical question, "Why would blah-blah-blah?" but NOT expecting a five to twenty minute scientific explanation of exactly WHY blah-blah-blah, there he was yap yap yap yap yap.
Sometimes I tease him and tell him it must be hard to be such a freaking genius, but honestly, it gets tiresome. I'm learning not to ask questions I do not want full and complete answers to.

Now I want to make a list of Super Heros...damn, I have things to do. Alas. It will have to wait.

laurenblogs said...

I find it VERY selfish that I get mad when you don;t post often, however I didnt post in over a MONTH???

I am sorry for being selfish, but I like your stuff!!