Sunday, October 22, 2006


Yes, whatever. So I hung out online a lot this weekend. He knew I did; I was DJing at Lady Ann’s when he popped on PalTalk with a PM and asked how the boys were doing. I called him back on his cell, which was cool, and he kept checking: is all well, did I remember this or that, how’s the money holding out, oh by the way there’s this pre-made dinner he made and it’s in the downstairs fridge.
  • miss you,
  • love you
  • miss you again
  • miss you more
French baritone. Yum. Sounds so good on the phone. His accent gets thicker when he’s all tired and jet-lagged and it’s like a shot of DC current running from my clitoris to the base of my brain and back. And he’s not micro-managing me, he cares.
“I wish you were here,” I said, after a pause.
“I wish you were here, and Grandmother and Grandfather were at home, caring for the kids. I’m more alone in this place than I ever have been anywhere,” he added.
“What would we be doing, if I were there?” I asked him.
A pause. “Wonderful things,” he said, finally.
“When you get home, I will need you.”
“Yes,” he said.
“Inside me,” I continued, whispering.
“I know,” he said, simply, “don’t worry.”
“‘Don’t worry’ like, you understand? Or ‘don’t worry,’ you’ll take care of me?” I persisted.
A pause.
“I’ll take care of you,” he said. “Be good, and be well. Don’t stay up too late on chat, all right?”
“Yes, monsieur,” I said.
“You will need your rest this week,” he added.
“Yes, monsieur, I’m about to log off.” I said goodbye to the chat room and exited.
“You will also need your rest for when I come home,” he added. I could hear the smile in his voice.
“I – yes, monsieur,” I said. I blushed. I sneezed.
Salud,” he said, with a knowing little chuckle.
Merci,” I said, then added, “Merci. De tout.
“For everything?” he asked.
“Yes, monsieur,” I said.


Neil said...

That must suck, him being away. How long will he be away on business?

Switch Hitter said...

Oh God I so know how you feel! I hate it when Sir leaves town! HATE IT! *stomping foot*


Anonymous said...

Hey can you fix this, just delete it and I'll post it again This is the third time tonight this happened with someone elses name coming up when I post. I don't know why it does that but I'm writing blogger again! It is frigging weird. At least I know this guy! LOL I don't think he'll get mad that I'm signing under his name. LOL

This is Des btw.

Jack's Shack said...

A Yearning Heart- I like it. Good title for a blog.

introspectre said...