Friday, October 13, 2006

Doing My Part for the Effort

I sure am getting a lot of hits from the government and related providers these days. Someone at Halliburton checks on me at least every week; also, I get a whole lot of hits from the military and from the Dept. of Justice.

I love it.

I rather wish someone would name a bomber after me, or put my ass up on the side of a tank or a jet or something. I’d feel like I was Betty Grable.

[waves] Hi, guys!


the bare frame said...

okay, wow. that is bizarre. how many computers do you suppose bear the "sergeant at arms" ISP?

Desireous said...

LOL I know I get a lot of those guys too! I always get nervous. Are they looking for something too perverted so they can arrest me....LOL


Desireous said...

PS Espeically when I first saw the FBI urls coming in. Those ones really made me nervous!


super des said...

I get those too. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my being watched.

Maybe some government employee just really likes our work?

introspectre said...

Ha, cute. I get a lot of military guys too. I had a lot more when I had a sex set of photos up in Flikr, but I took them down. Apparently sometimes that can't access blogs overseas, but can access Flikr.
I told them to sponser me for a Flikr account so I can have room to put them up in there, too.
Heh. We'll see if anyone bites.