Monday, March 26, 2007

I'll just put them all here

I truly have not had a moment to finish a single post in three weeks. Here are the posts I've begun since then, unproofed and unedited, not even spell-checked, for those three or four of you who might still be reading.

Thursday was another gold star day.

When I was in middle school, I thought that all the guys who wore famous football player t-shirts wanted people to mistake them for the actual famous football player. I then thought the girls who wore the t-shirts wanted people to mistake them for the famous football player’s girlfriend.

Littlest Boy (3 yo) is tired of being the baby, and is beginning to push back on his brothers. Really hard.

The sole split on the left one of my nice dress shoes. These are my favorite shoes and the worst thing is I hardly ever wear them. I can’t justify getting new shoes because I really never dress up anymore. I can’t justify the money, and it makes me sad, somehow.

Middlest boy (6 yo) is becoming the snitch. Sometimes it’s a good thing: “[Littlest Boy] locked himself in the closet and he’s pooping himself,” sometimes it’s kind of tiresome: “[Bigglest Boy] (9 yo) called me a ‘bleeding polyp’. I think that’s a bad word.”

We are sick with allergies. Fine, OK – I am sick with allergies, and the Two Bigglest Boys are tired of me and my wimpy self. Littlest Boy has sniffles and swears he’s fine. He says he hopes I get better, every time he hears me talk.

Bigglest Boy: Pepper? [E] (bossy 8 yo girl in school) says you and Daddy are ‘getting it on’. What does that mean?

Yearning Heart: Uh... Um...

Bigglest Boy: Does she mean you’re doing sex?

Yearning Heart: I think she does.

Bigglest Boy: [E]’s such a chancre, sometimes.

Yearning Heart: Well, we all have a lot of growing up to do.


Clean said...

Glad to hear from you again, and hope that the sniffles resolve soon...

Snitching seems to come with that age; it's hard to know what to do about it, other than to try your hardest to not reward the irritating ones, but encourage the safety-related once. (That where we draw the line, at least.)

As for the shoes, if they're important enough, you'll find a way to afford them, even if you can't justify them. If you can't, then they weren't.

TintinSnowy said...

Hey Ms. YH,

I check your site every day, my dear. You have a style of writing (when you're INTO it) that gives me a warm feeling that I can't quite explain. Maybe it's your honesty or clarity of thought, I'm not sure. Between your beautiful erotica (which we haven't seen too much of late), the mundaneness of daily life (not that your daily life is mundane, just that there are a lot of balls you're trying to keep up in the air), and all the little discoveries you make along the way, I find your descriptions both ennobling and heart-felt. How's your teaching coming along? Did your class ever get back to the Stegosaurus discussion? What things are they into now?

Warmly, Tintinsnowy

MangledTulip said...

1. i am reading you. Granted, i only began on Sunday (and i read your entire archives from beginning to end, at that) but you are now clicked into my faves and moving up to being Added To My Blogroll. (You can make some sort of drumrollish sound there, if you want.)
2. "chancre." Classic. i love this kid.


Maryse said...

I think you know I am reading you and checking at least once a week - and you know why - and I understand that real life is more important - Take care and best regards to you and Him ;)

Ry said...

I wondered where you've been... I totally understand not having the time to post. I have dozens of "drafts" listed in my posts. Glad to see that you're doing okay (minus the damn Texas allergies). Take care!

introspectre said...

That last one was funny!

And you can take the dress shoes to a cobbler. May I recommend Shoe Goo? They sell it in Target. My grandpa used to use it to resole his shoes, and you'd be amazed at how well it holds up. I have fixed many a shoe myself with dear old Shoe Goo.

Those people with the sports shirts? I just thought they were WEIRD. (laughs)