Tuesday, April 17, 2007


We’ve had freezing to chilly temps up here on Blue Hill and lots of fog, rain and drizzle.
While taking the boys home the other day, the van would not go out of low gear (second gear? like I’d know) which worried Monsieur. He ended up taking it to a (Johnson City) mechanic, then another transmission mechanic in Austin.
When he got home, he had a pinched look on his face, like someone was pinching his forehead with pliers. The estimate for a transmission rebuild: $1400-$1900 depending on how bad it is.
“Ouch,” I said, and I meant it.
“I’m going to call the bank,” he said, and headed for the den.
I said, “I’ve got $186.26 in the bank. I was going to spend that on meaningless bills and student loan payments, but if it could help–”
“No,” he smiled. “I’ll figure it out.”
I wished I could help. I mean, I know I contribute pretty deeply, and I know it’s his job to worry about the money but I wished I could do something.

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