Monday, July 02, 2007

after the flood

We had DSL out, or intermittently off-and-on, for the last week. There were horrible floods downhill from us, in Marble Falls especially, and other places. Skip and Monsieur were out there; Skip was hauling in debris on a backhoe, and Monsieur coordinating some emergency networks for the locals.

the creek, flooded.

Low-water crossing. When you see a road look like this, turn around, people, and save a rescue worker.

The Little Blanco, just downhill from us a couple miles. It’s usually narrow enough to throw a paper airplane across.
When it was really bad last week, Monsieur was checking the radio and the radar on TV and then had me go upstairs and clean all the bathtubs with bleach, then fill them up with water.
“Is it that bad?” I asked him.
“We may lose water at any minute, not to mention electricity and phone. DSL will be the first to go, on these lines,” he added.
He was right. DSL went down last Thursday, and it didn’t get restored until Monday.
On Saturday, Monsieur was down by the little staging area where people were setting up a Wi-Fi network, and providing equipment, especially batteries, and wireless cards to the coordinators.
It’s a mess: boats in the trees, houses in the river, and concrete culverts down in the creek washed in from who knows where. We’ll be cleaning stuff out of the pastures for months.
On the good side, we’ve had homegrown tomatoes into July. In Texas, which is unheard of.
Also, we’re on voluntary water rationing, which means no high-water use until after 9 pm. Laundry and the dishwasher must wait until evening, and we wash dishes by hand if we need them. That rather interferes with my resolution to have all the day’s laundry done by 5 pm. Also, 5 minute showers are no fun.
“You could shower with me and we could make it ten minutes between the two of us,” I suggested to Monsieur.
“I showered already tonight, as soon as I got home,” he replied.
“Well, at least check to make sure I rinsed all the conditioner out of my hair?” I asked him.
Monsieur gave me that look.
“Pretty please?” I said, batting my eyes.
“All right,” he said finally, “I’ll check on you after the animals are locked down.”
Later, as I was showering, I heard him come into the bathroom. He pulled the curtain back.
“Turn around,” he told me.
I shut off the water and complied.
“Hm,” he said, looking over my hair. Finally, he said, “It looks like you missed a spot,” and then dumped a large plastic cup of ice water over my head.
I screamed, then, dripping wet, I chased him out of the bedroom with a rolled up towel. He moves fast.


super des said...

I'm really glad I don't live somewhere that floods. I don't like to think of the potential damage.

And Monsieur is funny. :)

tintinsnowy said...

Texas floods! I remember when I lived in Dallas in the late 1980's I was always surprised how much it rained there. I mean I had this picture of Texas being dry as a bone (which it sometimes is) but I found it seems to rain more there than in Seattle, where my brother lives. Glad you weren't too directly affected (except for the ice water, of course).


Ry said...

Glad you guys are okay...

Faerie said...

awww heart .. its been HORRIBLE .. I am glad you guys are okay... {aka sugarpunk)