Sunday, October 03, 2004

Would it really be that bad?

The Xians wrote something in the UMKC paper protesting the degenerate state of the arts that are supported by taxpayers.
They mentioned the “rumor” that the department is featuring a show “glorifying” prostitution. I sincerely hope they’re talking about mine - you can’t buy publicity like that.
I get raped, beaten, abused, treated like livestock by the social services, then I get my ovaries dug out by a heartless gang of assassins with rusty Exact-o blades.
We’re talking serious glamour. I have no doubt that otherwise stable 19-year-old girls are gonna rush right out and sell themselves into slavery after they see this one.
(I exaggerate. Mae has some fun. She enjoys herself, her youth, her sexuality … at first.)
Which got me thinking … if prostitution were not only legal, but admired … actually considered a valuable part of the community, for both men and women to do, well, would it be so bad?
I know I’d be good at it. Not that I’m the greatest in bed, but I know I can take a serious pounding. And if I had someone to look out for me, to make sure I wouldn’t get hurt.
Which brings up the fact that if prostitution were as highly prized, say, as virginity … then beating up a prostitute would be as bad as beating up a little girl.
Which got me thinking (I know, I think too much) … I think I’d like to go work at Lady Ann’s. For M. (For “Maggie” - tee hee!!) And for the thousands of guys out there who can’t get it at home, because they’re fat, ugly, married or a combination of all three.
(I think it’s kinda sad that all people really want is to be thought of as glamorous, exciting, sexy; and the only thing they have to look forward to for the rest of their lives, if they live long enough, is losing their looks.)
M’s not asking me to. There’s no pressure, I can hang out there and listen to her play piano online (she’s really - no really - good, you wouldn’t believe how good she is until you hear her) and watch all the guys go crazy for her and the girls creme for her, but … I kinda want to.
Like I said, I think I’d be good.
Online, even better since I don’t have to worry about people who don’t bathe as often as they should.
And, it might kinda spice things up for me with Scott. Actually I know it would. On a good night, like tonight, I get hot just watching it going on.
And Scott would love it … he’d reap the benefits anyway. As long as he didn’t find out.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

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JimJ said...

I saw you in Mae. You were exceptional. I didn't think of the part as a black part or a white part. You made the part all yours.
I wish you well in your career. Please post it if you ever appear anywhere we can see you.