Thursday, October 28, 2004

I am a pin-up

I AM Brigitte Bardot
You’re Brigitte Bardot!
What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
Last night “Maggie” (tingle tingle) “worked” me upstairs at Lady Ann’s for 3 hours. Geez I was a puddle. Also there was a puddle on my chair. It was so hot, and I can’t even explain why. Trust me, I was so aroused I could have gotten off if someone had touched my cheek.
Which is why it was so disappointing when Scott woke up and jumped up, got in the shower and scooted out to go shoot hoops instead of giving me a slow (or even quick) rogering like I deserve. Oh well. I had work to do, and now it’s time to dream of Maggie and get out the buzz lover.


amber said...

It won't let me post the picture of my result! *cries* It says that my HTML tag is "not allowed"! *pouts*

i am Betty Grable, the All American Beauty! I inspire the guys with my smile and sweet disposition, and of course my million dollar legs! (and bottom!) ;)

the Yearning Heart said...

No, sorry Amber, I guess you can't put images on comments.
But we knew the rest anyway.