Sunday, October 17, 2004


I hereby categorically state that I am totally sick of drunken frat-boy (AND girl!) wannabes drinking and partying out on the lawn, nearby balconies, all over the apartment complex; spreading out over three courtyards, drinking, saying wooHOOO!!! and peeing in the bushes. Is the view out on the concrete that much better than inside your dingy, puke-covered pile carpeted living rooms and your drab crusty-floored kitchens? I guess it is. Maybe if you live in an apartment you shouldn’t invite 150 people to your party. Maybe you shouldn’t buy a keg at all.
I went out and told them to plase stop standing outside of our bedroom window. “WooHOOO!!!” they opined, “Let’s see your nightgown!”
There were a couple of girlie la-las with them, giggling blearily.
Where the fuck is Scott? Why should I have to deal with this myself?
I had my phone with me and I turned it on, put it to my ear and as I went into the apartment, said, “I need to report a noise disturbance, really a loud party in my apartment courtyard.”
I hated to do that but they weren’t going home anytime soon. Their parents probably would have grounded them if they did.

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