Friday, October 22, 2004

‘Tis the Season for Political Rantings

People think of “evangelicals” (when I say “people”, of course I mean the news media which is very odd) as conservative, right leaning religious people. This is based on the term “evangelical” to mean a (politically) right conservative Christian. Isn’t that a circular definition? But a lot of evangelical Christians just might be personally morally conservative yet politically liberal. Witness the evangelicals who are against the death penalty. Look at the C of C people who pray, not for our troops, not for our president, but for our planet.
God isn’t only on “your” side. Would Jesus be a Republican? Would he be a Democrat?
Get real, people.
And when the media talk about evangelicals in support of Bush, they are referring to a branch of evangelicalism that tends toward the fundamentalist (strict definition) end of the spectrum. They tend to take the Bible literalistically not literally, as the word of God handed down. But didn’t the authors of the Bible actually sign their work? That’s why it’s called “the book of Daniel” – Daniel’s book. “Paul’s Epistle (‘Letter’) to the Corinthians” – we’re reading other people’s spam and they call it the Word of God. There’s no record of what the church in Corinth wrote back. Maybe “Remove Me” then “UNSUBSCRIBE”.

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