Tuesday, April 12, 2005

the Other Drama Department: Lady Ann’s, that is

One of the deals, and one of the main reasons I worked there, played there, whatever, at Lady Ann’s is that you don’t have to get on the web cam or on voice chat. In fact, it’s forbidden.
Well, one of the manager’s is a homophobe. I won’t give you his name but his initial is T.
And he refuses to have cybersex with a girl unless she “proves” that she is a girl by letting him hear her voice, or by getting on a web cam with him. Why? Because he thinks any girl who hasn’t done that is a guy pretending to be a girl.
Now get this: he’s an Orthodox Jew role-playing as a black guy.
Hello? It’s role-play, for Christ’s sake. If you gotta hear the chick’s voice then you got some serious issues. (I’m half tempted to let Gay Trey apply as a working girl; he sounds more like a girl than I do when he wants to. But I’d have to tell him how I’ve been spending my evenings online, and he’d laugh at me till he died. But the look on T’s face would be classic. Trey could even wear a tube top hiding his face, and lower his panties down just a tiny bit, teasingly, and maybe caress his thighs rather haltingly or something like that; Trey can really vamp. And then put his goofy grin in the web cam and show T who he’s been messing with. Punk’d!!!)
The funny thing is, I actually thought T was attractive until I heard his voice. If he had sounded like an articulate, intelligent black man he would have been attractive. But he sounds like a smart-assed New York punk. Somewhat pushy, somewhat arrogant, and everything I don’t like about the east coast. Provincial to a fault, in that there’s nothing worth anything outside of New York City. So, he asked to hear my voice, and by the time I had heard his, which I didn’t care for, I wasn’t interested, and I thought he was sleazy. But I let it go, and said, well, very nice talking to you. I’m too nice. It’s called acting.
Well, I told Maggie about it and she was pretty steamed; apparently he’s been asking a lot of girls to hear their voices or see them on web cam. And so I had to get into a chat room with a bunch of other people, like Lady Ann, and this Bobbi woman, and T and a few others, and Maggie, and tell my side of the story which I thought was pretty tame and not a big deal. And I had to go to work, so I don’t know the final of it.
Well, this T guy is a lawyer, a trial lawyer, but he must not be much of one or maybe Maggie is even smarter than I thought she was, because she pretty much chewed T out a new colostomy.
Maggie couldn’t stay or got kicked out of the chat room, I’m not sure which, but the final shot was that T gets a reprimand, 72 hours suspension, but can go on managing at Lady Ann’s.
If only we’d caught him using steroids or something.

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