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I snipped most of your post to only include the relevant things which I shall attempt to address.
I don’t know how long you’ve been dealing with Maggie. I’ve known the actress who portrays her for about four years. Let me share with you this, which is the opinion of a working girl, not of a manager, and I don’t know how much weight you’ll give it:
  • Maggie is a great character in a part played by the woman I know, who is the smartest, bravest, most talented woman I know, and I know plenty of them.
  • She also is a woman of great integrity and personal commitment.
  • Saying that, she also has a terrible temper and woe to anyone in the path of that temper. I speak from experience.
  • This temper can get the better of her and I’m sure you have lost yours at some point. I read the room transcript when Lady Ann returned and announced a new beginning, and in my opinion, you showed bad form; although I understand that you were watching your work over the last year become negated and your position crumble before your very eyes. I tell you this out of respect and admiration for all you have done for us.
Re: your “Details” below – I know you believe what you wrote, but I must say this:
  • I don’t believe Maggie was trying to destroy the brothel. I think she had Ann’s own interests at heart, as well as the brothel’s.
  • I don’t believe she was trying to drive any wedges between Ann and her staff that didn’t already exist.
  • I believe she was simply more loyal to Lady Ann that to “Lady Ann’s”.
  • I believe she picked a very strange way of showing it. There is no way that I could explain her behavior; but if you want to love Maggie, you have to forgive a lot every once in a while.
I do wonder how much of what you wrote is an original thought and how much the selected opinion of like-minded individuals in managerial staff? I’m not accusing you of anything – gosh that sounds worse than I meant it… but I wonder and can’t stop wondering.
I’m not trying to be divisive, a squeaky wheel or a troublemaker. Silently would crawl across a mile of broken glass to defend T. Good for her; I admire that among friends.
Despite all of our differences, all of the fights we have had, all of the times I have wanted to crack her cast-iron skull – I hereby pledge that I shall defend Maggie with my life.
Admire that.

[The Yearning Heart
My Name Withheld on this blog]
Working Girl, Lady Ann’s Brothel

Bobbi <emailaddress_m@sk.ed> wrote:

I promised earlier that I would share some details with you about all the conflicting statements and goings on of the past few days.

The final straw came when she felt betrayed by Maggie_tien_fu_yu whom she long considered a close friend. Maggie misled the brothel about hackers stealing Ann’s account, showed poor judgment in her discretion and created undue suspicion amongst her friends.

Maggie also revealed private issues regarding management decisions and meetings to outsiders, which she knew was improper. Much of Maggie’s actions served to drive a wedge through the brothel.

Most painful to Ann however, was that Maggie revealed personal real life facts about Ann to several people in the brothel that greatly embarrassed her.

I do not fully understand the reason for Maggie’s recent actions. The results of her actions were thoroughly destructive to the brothel and Ann herself. It is clear that her ability to mislead was based upon her access to sensitive information and the website itself. Therefore, Maggie will no longer be serving as a manager in the brothel and will not have access to the brothel’s website.

Speaking of which, I know that there are issues with the current website. We hope to have these issues resolved within 48 hours and to have a site up and running that will make life easier for our new patrons. Additionally, new groups for working girls patrons and managers have been established to replace the old ones. I urge you all to join these new groups as the old groups have been dismantled.

To any others who have recommendations I encourage you to drop me an e-mail at I read all my e-mails, even if I may not respond immediately.

I love you all. Now quit reading and get your tushies back into the room. You’ve been missed!


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