Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Strike up the band; Come blow your horn!

Maggie’s back! Back online, I don’t know if she got her old brothel manager’s “job” back. Well, she doesn’t care about that; she only wants to play ragtime and jazz piano in a brothel. Online if necessary, or in New Orleans or Berlin or if possible.
Ain’t that sweet?
I have been talking to her about visiting after I graduate, if I graduate. “Oh, of course I’ll graduate,” I say to myself. “Not if you don’t get off the damn chat rooms and start getting busy in a different way,” myself says to me.
“Nag, nag, nag,” I reply. Boy I can really be a bitch.
I really do wanna visit her and D (tingle, tingle) and the boys, even for a weekend. I’ll be good I swear I won’t even beg her for sex or give D those long, smoldering looks I usually give him. I promise. What are you looking at? What?

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