Saturday, April 16, 2005

-She’s smart. -yeah, she’s smart. -Too smart. -Yeah, let’s ice her.

Maggie’s been kicked out of the game, by Bobbi the HR Manager (!), and kicked off of chat by D, her husband. Please see my letter to Bobbi regarding that shit.
Well, whatever.
Later Maggie showed T that Ann didn’t trust him, by revealing a private exchange between Ann and herself. T shared that exchange with Ann. Ann got upset, naturally. T used that to get Maggie fired as manager.
For some reason, “Maggie” got kicked off of the entire chat experience by D. She did something terrible, I’m not sure what. It must have been something having to do with one of those rules that she has with D. I don’t know what.
Like I said before, they got some kind of discipline relationship going on, and it works for them. Sucks for me, but I’m not gonna criticize it. But if a man tried to treat me that way, in a real life relationship, well. I’m Irish. It wouldn’t fly.
At least I can call her on the phone.

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