Thursday, September 29, 2005

Am I getting enough out of this deal?

I was talking to my girlfriend J about my living situation, (without going into the detail that I am occasionally getting the Hot French Monkey Love action) and she said I don’t seem to be “getting enough out of this deal.”
To which I said, as politely and sweetly that I could, well, I should be the one to decide what I get out of it.
Am I getting enough out of this deal? Monsieur pays towards my student loans. He pays for my food, and rent is free. The only thing I need to wait tables for is extra money, like for clothes and extras, and to pay on my Visa card debt, which is pretty high. Somehow I racked up about a $4500 balance in five years of college. Which as I hear, isn’t out of the ordinary.
I buy my own health care and beauty stuff. I haven’t bought music or anything like that in a while, since I’ve been listening to the music around here so much. (There’s tons of it, some of it on vinyl that is older than my dad.) Also, for music, there’s a public radio station out of Austin and it plays a lot of the world music stuff I like, at night. It is better for me than the public radio stations in KC but M really thought the ones in KC were far better. Then again, she was into the jazz thing, which the KC public stations were really into.
Anyway, point is, I get plenty out of it. All my needs are answered. I don’t get everything I want, but who does? It’s a good life.


amber said...

Are people who join the Peace Corps and help poor people in Africa "getting enough out of" it? Are the volunteers helping with the Katrina disaster "getting enough out of" it?

Those kids *need* you. D needs you. If ever a person's life had a purpose, yours does.

p.s. Don't ever forget the Hot French Monkey Love action! *giggles*

Lizzie said...

I guess the only other question would be are you out doing what other kids your age are doing? I know you are needed right now but at some point I think you will need to get back to your own life. Just keep that in the back of your head, okay? Sorry, I know I sound like a Mom!

the Yearning Heart said...

You're right Amber, and I like what I'm doing now. There's more to life than career moves, etc.
You're also right, Lizzie - my mom says the same thing. But I think for now I'm gonna stick to what I'm doing. Soon enough, Littlest Boy will be old enough for school; maybe by then I'll be old enough for grad school. Just, not yet.