Wednesday, September 21, 2005

“A Whole New Area of Crime”

White Tigers and Dynamic Steppers “Bring It On”.

Wichita KS drill team the Dynamic Steppers, was practicing routines at McAdams Park near 13th and I-135 Saturday. When members of another drill team, the White Tigers, showed up and challenged the others to a “dance-off.”
”When it became clear the challengers were losing,” said police, a 28-year-old woman whacked a 17-year-old Stepper in the face with a drumstick.
The Stepper punched the woman in the face, then jumped in his Ford Exploerer and tried to run down witnesses. His mother, a Stepper coach, sliced open the other woman’s arm, a gash that required eight stitches.
50 people were involved, but only two arrested.
What I like about Kansas is the laid-back Midwestern attitude. You don’t see too much of that inner-city gangsta crap in Kansas.

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