Sunday, April 16, 2006

Everyone always asks...

Whaddya been up to?

  • Readings/written work or spelling/math.
  • Play.
  • History/music, or civics/science (nature/geography/physics)
  • Play.

And, the cool thing is, I’ve learned a lot. For example: those cool science experiments in You CAN Do It with Science! never work. When they do, it’s just so lame.

Anything with cranberries in it (ex: juice, fruit bars, extract in capsule form) will NOT come out of any fabric except 8-year-old sweatshirts from middle school that have holes.

Baby spit-up will not come out of anything except baby skin.

Sometimes children cry.

Sometimes, grown-ups do, too.

A chocolate kiss helps.

Sometimes a Peppermint kiss helps, too.

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laurenblogs said...

Sounds like you're busy... and happy! Good for you!