Friday, April 21, 2006

Not All Who Are Lost Are Wandering

Someone did a search for:
and right there, on the 4th page, they found my blog.
Now, I’m not technical, so I can’t explain that. I can only say that they probably didn’t find what they were looking for. They might have found what my feet looked like a couple of weeks ago. I wish they would have stayed longer, but I’m sure they were very busy. I hope they come back when they have more time.
From the other end of the blogoworld, someone else tried:
which, as anyone who knows me, is how to find me in a game of hide & seek. Wait for me to sneeze.


Romancing Simplicity said...

LOL that's how to find me in a game of hide and seek too!!! Maybe you and I should play together. We'd always be it, just pass it back and forth.

The Venting Housewife said...

I am sorry I haven't been around YH!
I have had some really crazy searches over on my page. I think the funniest was someone searching for "mean black bitches"...I couldn't even think of why I might be included in that search.

laurenblogs said...

Maybe I am stupid but how is it you go about finding out which searches brought people to your page?

the Yearning Heart said...

Lauren: I have a little thing called a "sitemeter" embedded on my blog. It tracks who got to my page, and their previous page's URL. If the previous page's URL is from Google or MSN or a major search engine, then also I can see what they were searching for when they clicked to my page.

bella said...

that is one of the highlights of my day - seeing the odd searchs that brought people to me. Usually it has something to do with "stockings", but once was "why one armpit stinks"... and I'm not sure about that one either!

feetman78 said...

I found you looking for feet, but stayed to read some sexy and good writing.

Still, I'd LOVE to see more of your feet and I would love to post about you on my blog.