Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Texas School Book Crisis

I’ve been too busy to write. I spent a bunch of time gathering materials for art, music, and so forth. J-with-2-N’s is priceless help at this, and we spent a few hours tonight and Saturday trying to accomplish this.
I can’t help but think that these kids are incredibly fortunate to have a school run by the parents – parents who really are involved and who really do care about how their kids are taught.
I get comments from quite a few people who say, “A co-op! That’s a great idea to counter all this godless humanism that they’d get in public schools! What denominational is it?”
Once I was even lucky enough to have a book handy - religions of the world, which I opened to a really beautiful painting of a satyr. “Yes, religious instruction is very important to us,” I said.
“That’s the devil!” said my conversant. I thought she was about to shrink back and hold up a garland of garlic cloves.
“No,” I reassured her, smiling, “not the devil. Just a poorly-paid, humble assistant.”

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