Thursday, May 19, 2005

Deep in the Heart of Texas

That’s where I am.

D & M and the boys are totally gone and hit the road, Jack, travelling to Dallas and Okla City and Arkansas – Fayetteville, can you believe it’s a music town?; I’m out & about in the nightlife of Austin and not bored a bit. I’m drinking and flirting and not even missing SH the SHit one bit. If only I had me a nice delicious bit of boy* to share it with.
This computer is a Linux and I’m scared to death of it.
I’m wayyyyy out here in the middle of nobody I know for miles around. I’m trying not to be nervous about it. I know Skip the Gay Rancher who lives on the next hill; gay or not he’s as big as a tank and could be here in no time if I hit the panic alarm button that turns on EVERY LIGHT in the house and sounds this air raid siren; I do not shit you that thing is LOUD. We tested it. The kids stayed upstairs with their hands over their ears. D is big on security. If I had 3 kids and a woman that looked like the Princess Mogul I’d be big on security too.
Speaking of the Princess Mogul, Maggie made me sit through this excruciating pirate movie from like the 50s, one of her favorites starring Errol Flynn. He was way past his prime, I’m thinking. But she said that the redhead reminded her of me. Which was sweet.
Damn that girl makes me hot the way she sits and smolders.
* I’d much prefer a man. Or maybe… dare I dream? Be still, my yearning heart.

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