Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

I’m trying to get my thoughts down.
“Maggie” was sick from Thursday before last week, till she died last Wednesday. Her doctor had her do a CT scan and they found what Maggie called a tiny dark spot so they ordered an MRI, and she had to go into the hospital to have that done. When she went in she had no idea. But she kissed me, like, right on the mouth before she left.
“Maggie” looked terrible, her eyes were all puffy.
She handed me the baby and said, “Please, take care of them.”
I didn’t even notice it so much at the time. She knew; I’m sure of that.
Her funeral was Saturday. I won’t even say how many people remembered her fondly. Plenty of the musicians, some of whom have records that I’ve heard on the radio.
Even Lady Ann sent roses. White roses. They were beautiful.
There is a web page out there that the Lady Ann people put up; it’s really just a guest book. It has dozens of people expressing condolences.
I can’t stop crying. Neither can Littlest Boy. He’s just a baby, and he wants to nurse. What will they do? Whatever will they do? How can you grow up without your mama?


amber said...

"How can you grow up without your mama?"

sigh... i still can't figure that one out.... maybe in another 22 years...

introspectre said...

~cries silently~

You adapt. Maybe not well, but you adapt...