Sunday, January 01, 2006


Jesus Joseph Mary.

Pardon the blaspheming, but I just found out Monsieur’s mother is visiting KC, and they’re both going to get into his sister’s car and drive down here to Texas to see the family.

Jesus Joseph Mary. I’m not prone to performance anxiety or panic attacks but I think I can feel my pulse in my hair. Oh god's teeth and blood, I hope she likes me.

Monsieur’s sister, you may recall, was my roommate, time out of mind. I got aong with her great back then, but she was against my moving in here to help with the children and I don’t know if either of them knows about Monsieur and me.

I haven’t met his mother before. She lives in France. They’ll all be here around birthday time for Littlest and Bigglest Boys, the 3rd week of January.

Jesus Joseph Mary.

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The Venting Housewife said...

Oh my, what a surprise. Well I wouldn't worry, I bet she'll love you. See monsieur should definitely do something to relieve your stress now.
My mother inlaw hated me, and still does (only because Im the one that stole her son). But you have been something positive to hers, so she should be greatful.
Goodluck babe!