Thursday, January 19, 2006

top 10

This week’s top ten countdown:
10 hours of data entry
9 lesson plans
8 stiff inches
7 loads of laundry
6 stubbed toes (2 mine)
5 busy bees
4 pounds of oranges
3 sleeping boys
2 sticky lovers
1 yearning heart
Tomorrow’s Schedule:
Wake up. Dress me and boys, feed same. Go, dogs, go! Teach, soothe, wipe, play, feed. Eat, work, sleep. See me run. Run, run, run.
The question was raised by Obesio here why Monsieur “doesn’t simply support you in the way that you clearly deserve”?
Well, it’s because I got through school with a massive debt, and I need to make student loan and consumer debt payments on it.
Monsieur’s a kind man, and a generous man – but not a wealthy man. He makes a living and can feed his boys, so far. But Maggie left behind a huge consumer debt, which he is bound to pay off. Her life insurance basically covered her medical costs and her funeral arrangements.
I asked him about helping me with my debt, of course, not knowing what his financial situation was. We sat down and went through our financial burden and what it would take to cover our household plus servicing our collective debt.
It would take more than he makes.
I don’t want to burden him any more than I already have, so I decided to work for a living, like I always have ever since I was 17.
Maybe later, if it’s possible, we’ll figure out a way for me to work from home.
Fact of life: “mommy jobs” just don’t pay well. Mommy jobs are jobs that moms do for free: cook, clean, serve food, care for children, teach. There’s others, but I can’t think of them. I’m so tired.


Passionate Man said...

I understand.

Really wish I could convince you all to come out here. Arizona may be a desert wasteland (compared to my beloved Michigan); but you can't throw a stone without hitting a "Help Wanted" sign.

Cardman said...

Coming from a father/husband with a wife that does the "free" mommy jobs and works outside the house, I understand. Making time for you and the basics (8" stiffy) can be nearly impossible. Hang in there.

Larry said...

i just read your profile for the first time. im touched. how is that going??

Obesio said...

My suggestion was facetious, though I did appreciate your thoughtful explanation.