Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Notice. Ho-hum.

I handed in my notice, and it was accepted without too much fanfare or regret.
“Thanks,” said shift manager. “We’ll let you know if this policy changes. Sorry about that.”
I talked to K who also has to quit, due to school. It seems that the owners want to clean out the schedule and get rid of anyone who can’t “commit to the restaurant”, which means no more part-timers or people trying to “pick up extra money”. They don’t want students or people with day jobs.
I think that leaves about 6 wait people, to run the place, and it’s a sizable restaurant of about 10-14 tables that is open for lunch, dinner and weekend breakfast.
Good luck, says I.
Now I don’t want to get another waiting job. I’m looking into doing freelance copy editing work, medical transcribing, anything. I don’t have much experience with anything like that. Do you think I could use this blog as a writing portfolio?
Ha. Ha, ha.
If you detected desperate, sarcastic laughter in that last sentence, you are very astute.
Monsieur says that he will cover my debts, but that it would be a hardship. I don’t want to be a burden to him that way, but he says that the effort that I put in simply can’t be replaced for any amount of money. He also says that he doesn’t want to lose me.
I don’t want to lose me either.
I talked to my friend MT, who says I should try working at a strip club once or twice a week.
Ha. Ha, ha. (More sarcastic desperation.) Thanks, dork. I’ll give it some thought, after I stop laughing.
Meanwhile since I can’t buy myself anything nice, I left my Amazon wish list on my profile, and also I’ll link to it here, in case there’s a millionaire out there who wants to make a poor underemployed hard-working redhead with a big yearning heart happy.


Cardman said...

Don't know too many people willing to "commit to a restaraunt". When was the last time a restaraunt, or any employer for that matter committed to it's people.

Here's hoping for the work you want, and the work you love.

(p.s. thx for the link *wink*)

the Yearning Heart said...

Oh thank you, Cardman. Thanks for the good wishes, and for reading me.

You're right about the work thing - employers grumble about a "lack of work ethic," then they get rid of their best workers, just to stay competitive.

Passionate Man said...

Here's hoping you find work that makes you happy in the near future.

p.s. I'm not a millionaire; but computer programming has worked out well. The Tonic CD should arrive this week. Any fan of Tonic is a friend of mine...