Sunday, March 26, 2006

Civil Disobedience

Fortunately I don’t get mail asking for money from any political parties. At least, I don’t here in Texas. In KC I got them from the Republicans; I eventually stopped them by sending them a check for three cents. They spent more money trying to extract money from me than I ever could have hoped; I finally got a call from one of their telemarketers, who had an obviously rural Midwestern accent and called me“hon". I told her that the three cents was to ensure that I would stay on their list of contributors and force them to spend even more money - to handle the check, to add me to their database, and to pay her to call me right now. I figured that they spent at least $20 on that endeavor, and that my money was well-spent.
“Oh, then,” she replied, dropping the accent and sounding more like the Yankee that my Caller ID indicated that she likely was.“Well, if you’re not going to help, then why did you send that check in?”
“Money well spent,” I repeated.“It was a check for three cents.”
She hung up on me without a “thank you”. I have not heard from them again.


laurenblogs said...

I think I love almost everything you say:) you crack my ass up

Passionate Man said...

Too smart!