Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Google Fun

I didn’t get a lot of hits on this blog when it was on Live Journal, and I hardly got any before that when it was on the UMKC web servers, but now I get maybe a hundred hits a week or so. I’m glad, since I like the nice intimacy of it, and when I don’t have time to update I don’t worry about whether people wonder where I am – almost everyone who has conversed with me can contact me by e-mail or something if they’re really worried about me. I like seeing how people connect to me in what’s called a “referral report” in my web hit counter. Most people seem to find me via another blog that’s linked to me, like the BlogRoll at Venting Housewife, Desireous or the links from Introspectre. But sometimes, I get a hit from someone who has found me via Google, MSN, Technorati or other search engines – and I actually get to see what they were searching for. For example, this week’s search page referrals:
  • pumping my crotch
  • my heart yearns for his love
  • “bedtime is at 8”
  • love & yearning
  • roximoon
  • hung like Louisiana Purchase
Love, nannying, sex, big cocks. It’s what shapes your world – it’s what brought you here. Welcome.

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