Sunday, March 26, 2006

Where the apple falls

I never have any doubts that these are Maggie’s kids.
Scene: Exterior - Day - Playground
Curly Blonde Girl and Bigglest Boy (7 and 8 years of age, respectively) are playing in the sand box. Bigglest Boy is trying to built a sandcastle, using sticks to support the walls around the castle keep. He inverts a bucket of wet sand and lifts it up to make a tower, which crumbles. He tries again; the sand crumbles away as he pulls the bucket off.
Bigglest Boy: [frustrated] Stupid!!!
Curly Blonde Girl: I’m not stupid.
Bigglest Boy: No! This sand is stupid.
Curly Blonde Girl: Jesus doesn’t want you to say “stupid”.
Bigglest Boy: Jesus never says what I want him to say, either.

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Desireous said...

ROFLOL That was very cute!