Friday, March 24, 2006

Long Black Veil

Hajib, by Harriet Jameson Pellizzari
Hajib, by Harriet Jameson Pellizzari
Hajib? Babydoll?
Each kinda alluring in it’s own way…

I notice that Monsieur pays more attention to me when I don’t dress all “skimpy/sexy”. Anyone else ever notice this? When I wear a baby doll or chemise he doesn’t really look at me so much, but in flannel pajamas or a long nightgown, he always gives me a hug or the goodbye kisses last a little longer.

I asked him about that last night. “You don’t like my chemise?”

“Of course, I do,” he said.

“Why don’t you ever touch me when I wear it?”

He told me, in effect, that I was “imagining things.”

I wonder if he thinks I’m too skinny or flat-chested or something. I wonder if I’m really his type. I mean, he gives it to me good and hard when he gives it to me – so I know he likes girls! Maybe it’s my body. Maybe these moles on my tummy turn him off. I don’t know.

I know when he was younger and touring around the world he knew a lot of Muslim women – although he doesn’t say so, I know he was doing them, at least some of them. Maybe I should veil myself by wearing a niqab once in a while.

I think I’m not alone in thinking that the veil is somewhat sexy. Don’t get me wrong; I am not in favor of forcing women or anyone else to completely cover the body. I know there are plenty of people debating this – I’ve talked to Muslim women who find it liberating not to have their face and bodies on display for others. I don’t think I’m all that but I like wearing t-shirts and jeans. Then I some pretty pair of eyes behind a thin dark veil and I think … Hmm. I could look like that – but only in private for Monsieur. Isn’t that a weird thing? The hajib is supposed to, among other things, keep men from staring and to keep women from being stared at but I think I’d be too self-conscious – like people would stare at me.

I doubt that Monsieur would find it all that appealing. I’ll stick with my flannel jammies or long nightgown, I guess.

Or I could just bend over on the bed and wiggle the booty at him. Not much of a booty as far as they go but from what I hear, it’s all in the wiggle.


Tank said...

maybe, just MAYBE, the revealing outfits don't leave enough to the imagination... sometimes it's not what you see, but what you WANT to see that excites.

for me anyway

laurenblogs said...

I was going to say the SAME thing as Tank...

I have myself noticed the same thing, and I think it just leaves more to be desired.

Or maybe perhaps our men prefer us covered and school marm like so they can allow the scandaly dress ho's to only appear in their porns:)

Tank said...

and as far as wiggling the booty, as long as it's aimed in the right direction, it gets attention.

the Yearning Heart said...

All very good possibiliies, but to me - when an arguably cute girl (not that I'm vain, but I'll argue I'm cute enough) is dressed in a skimpy little but of nothing an dlanguidly stretched out on the couch, ya know she is wanting some kind of attention. That's when I don't get the attention. Even the butt wiggling doesn't get the long lingering look that I expect from this guy.

I can't imagine Monsieur even looking at porn. I bet I look at women about a million times more than he does.

Anonymous said...

i stumbled across your blog by accident, and just wanted to sort out some misconceptions:
1- the hijab is the scarf worn on the head, leaving the face exposed.
2- the veil(niqab in arabic)is not correctly, in the photograph you provided. it is not a sheer piece of cloth falling over the face, rather an opaque one which doesn't show what is covered beneath it.

thank you.

the Yearning Heart said...

anon - thanks for the correction; I think there is a whole lot of meanings to the word hijab, one of which is simply "appropriate dress". I looked it up for spelling in a number of sources, including simply e-mailing my Lebanese friend who said that hijab, like the English word dress, has so many definitions that practically any use of the word can be misinterpreted.

Also, I believe that in my post I stated that I should try wearing a niqab, although I was careful not to caption the image shown as a niqab - as it obviously isn't one - the caption simply says that both forms of dress are "Each kinda alluring in its own way".

I thank you for the lesson and I hope that I have cleared up any misconceptions as to my understanding of these words. Language is so fluid, and trying to get the meaning of a word in another language can be as tricky as trying to interepret my own prose. I'd send this clarification to you had you chosen not to post anonymously.