Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sick Day

(Warning: do not read further if you have not ever cared for children. It’s not good.)
I have three sick boys and I am not feeling too well myself after wiping three butts (four, counting mine). Middlest Boy had the Mother of All Poops all over the downstairs bathroom. While cleaning up Middlest Boy I went upstairs to find clothes for him and discovered Bigglest Boy sitting on the toilet and throwing up into the bathtub. Uggh. Monsieur is holding Littlest Boy in the rocking chair now, Middlest Boy is (mercifully) engrossed in the TV and Bigglest Boy fell asleep on the couch.
Dear goodness, I just felt the beginnings of a sore throat. Make it stop.
I want my mommy.


Cardman said...

Oh crap! Ahem, I mean, I am so sorry to hear that. Very true, if one has never taken care of small children whilst they are barfing and all the other things, one hasn't lived.

piranha said...

exactly. thats how you feel when YOU are sick: I WANT MY MOMMY. man, it is incredible. i remember asking my mom once: don't you miss your mom?
she was so much mom herself, but she said of course she does. we all do. and you know, in a way, the guys get their mommies with us...but we????

*why do we always have to be the strong ones bohooo* lol
have a good day