Saturday, March 25, 2006

Didja miss me?

Since my last post about an hour ago? Ya, sure, you betcha.
I just checked my e-mail, catching up with people I went to UMKC with; some of whom went on to grad school and some went back home to lay around and feel sorry for themselves. A “bunch of stuff has been going on” and yet it’s much the same. I feel like I’m the only one who grew up since high school.
Someone e-mailed me and asked if I totally forgot Monsieur’s birthday last February; answer is no: I made the boys carrot cake[1] and poured Monsieur[2] a cup of tea. He didn’t want any presents but I found this history of the French and British navies from 1790 to 1830 with a great collection of drawings[3]. I think it’s interesting too and while I found that, I saw a great book on women who disguised themselves as men to fight in the British Navy. Now that’s a part I could play in a movie. I always figured I knew my way around the cox.
I didn’t mention that I also offered him sex, to which he had smiled and said that would not be an appropriate thing at present. Maybe not for him – but my birthday is coming up in May and by golly, I know what I want and it ain’t socks – it sounds like socks but it has a different vowel.
Mostly, said I, I’m caring for and teaching the kids. My days are full of dental appointments and homework, naptimes, snacks, crayons and puppet shows. I do history, math, science, social studies, and civics – in the mornings. Then I do art, music, English grammar and PE in the afternoons. And, of course, it alternates – and the children are self-directed, or they wouldn’t be there. Co-operative schooling is so wonderful – you can kick a kid out for being a problem. In public schools here in the U.S. you’d pretty much have to be convicted of a felony to get kicked out for good. Even then, that’s not always enough. But in my school, the parents run the show. Most parents elsewhere don’t seem to want that kind of responsibility.
K is coming over for a visit, and I told her to remember her camera phone – so with any luck and courage, I’ll see you (or vice versa) on Thursday. No promises. Kiss kiss.
[1] Delicious; I use half the sugar, though.
[2] Also delicious.
[3] OK, shameless plug again: The Encyclopedia of Ships. Because, he’s that kind of geek.
Edit: (6 pm) not only K is coming over, Monsieur’s friend (and drummer and hunk o’ yummy goodness) Tom-Tom, Skip the Gay Rancher, Kimberly, and some piano playing guy named Lloyd are also going to come, too. Monsieur is cooking, thanks be to the goodness, so I will not have to worry about that. There will be music (and laughter and wonderful times); I plan to put on a tight pair of jeans and look my best – also I plan to get K to stay late so we can stay up and dish. Maybe she will tease Monsieur enough so that he will be randy and fuck me! (Dare I yearn? It could happen.)


Passionate Man said...

Here's hoping may is as filled with pleasure as can be!

Anonymous said...

Well if he's thinks it in appropriate as a gift you can always give it to I have a few idea's of my own.