Saturday, June 03, 2006


Monsieur: Can you come into [the law offices of Firefly, Shyster and Firefly] tomorrow?
Yearning Heart: I suppose so, what’s up?
Monsieur: We have the guardianship agreement to work out, and papers to sign if all is agreeable.
Yearning Heart: [smiles] I can. If you are sure that’s what we should do.
Monsieur: Good.
Yearning Heart: I’m sorry, for last night.
Monsieur: For what are you apologizing?
Yearning Heart: I should not have mentioned marriage. I’m sorry. You looked like I stabbed you when I said that.
Monsieur: I’m sorry for my reaction. Don’t apologize for my reaction. You have no other way to suggest that other than to suggest it. But, it was not especially good timing for me, which I admit to you. But that is not your fault.
Yearning Heart: I love you, and I really want to help you raise these boys.
Monsieur: I am aware of it, I believe you, too. I want it to be a good fit for you, too. Marriage, everything. I want you to feel complete with what you are doing.
Yearning Heart: I do. I am complete, as long as I’m here with you and your boys.
Monsieur: Bien, I will make an agreement with you? That we do not talk of marrying for … H’m … six months? When will that make it?
Yearning Heart: December 2nd? At … let’s see … bedtime?
Monsieur: [laughing] Yes, all right. It’s a date.
Yearning Heart: All right. And the rest of it? Everything else stays the same?
Monsieur: The rest of it? What do you mean?
Yearning Heart: I mean, do I get to still live here and you still like me and all?
Monsieur: Yes, of course! I really can not do very well without you. [pause] I think that is what worries me the most of all.
Yearning Heart: Well, I’m not worried about that. I’m staying and you can’t get rid of me. [smiles] May we still have sex?
Monsieur: Nothing has changed, I promise.
Yearning Heart: I mean, right now?
Monsieur: [sighs] [Yearning Heart], you are persistent.
Yearning Heart: Yes, and you love me for it.
Monsieur: I do love you. [kisses her]
Yearning Heart: Encore? [kisses him hungrily]
Monsieur: Toujours. [kisses her]
Yearning Heart: [clinging to him after he breaks the kiss] How about now?
Monsieur: Now, what?
Yearning Heart: Sex. You. Me. Yum. How about now? N. [unbuttoning his shirt buttons with each letter] O. W. N is for ‘Naughtygirl’, O is for ‘Orgasm’, and W is for ‘What the Hell are You Waiting For?’
Monsieur: [hugs her tightly, then picks her up and tosses her lightly over his shoulder - she screams, then covers her mouth] You are a very naughty girl, you know.
Yearning Heart: [giggling from over his shoulder] Yes, I know. I need a spanking.
Monsieur: I will give you what you need, have no care.
Yearning Heart: [giggles] Yum!


jackt said...

That's a very nice ending to this situation.

Tarl_Kamras said...

trish, I read your post and yes, after seeing this I do know what you are when it comes to the lifestyle we discussed. PM me on Yahoo when you get this.

Romancing Simplicity said...

Hey there, I'm starting to catch up with everybody's blogs and before I started reading through all of your entries that I missed, I really wanted to take the time first to say thank you so much for your kind words and continued reading and support throughout my absence. So thanks =) looks like I missed some juicy stuff. Can't wait to get started!