Friday, June 30, 2006

So there.

Heard on the playscape:

Strident Boy:[climbing up the slide] That’s because your parents are illegal aliens.

Bigglest Boy:[swinging upside down from the top of the playscape] My dad was born in California, so he’s not an alien. And my mom came here when she was 3, and she was a citizen.

Strident Boy:[climbing to the playscape roof] Well, still, I bet they are. My grandpa says you can’t name one single illegal alien who’s done anything good for the country.

[Pause while Bigglest Boy considers this]

Middlest Boy:[from under the playscape] Clark Kent is an alien. He came to the US illegally, and he’s now Superman.

Strident Boy knows better than to try and fight Superman.


Anonymous said...

just wondering if strident boy's grandpa knows about "non aliens" who weren't that good for "tha country" - lol - winks (does he know about Oklahoma?) (Maryse)

Cardman said...

That's right! And don't forget about the entire Hall of Justice! They're all aliens but keep the Hall of Doom under control. :-)

super des said...

that's the best argument I've heard in a while. I love kids' logic.

introspectre said...

We both bow to Middlest boy and his Supreme Logic.

Rock on, Middlest Boy, rock on.

Neil said...

That just changed my entire view on illegal immigration.