Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sunday, he took me.

It wasn’t even my idea; Monsieur and I put the boys to bed, and he simply said, “Would you like to go to bed now?” (That emphasis on the “now” part is where I call your attention.)
Would I!? I tried not to dance but I think I skipped a little as I went to the bedroom, slipped off my clothes and hopped into the shower. I had been hot since the last thunderstorm on Friday, and I could not cool off. I rinsed my body till it was cool again, then I slipped in under the sheets.
Monsieur was sweet. He held me and kissed me, and he kisses so well. He kissed his way down my belly, and when I reached for him, he was like a rock. I am not one to let good meat spoil, so before he could get too involved with my nether bits I sat up, pushed him onto his back, and climbed on.
“You were certainly ready,” he smiled as I undulated over him, my eyes rolling back as I sank onto him.
“I have been, yes,” I said softly, and there was no more talking as I filled myself of him, greedily. I’m such a selfish brat. I always have to go first.
When I was done he turned me over, and I closed my eyes dreamily while I opened myself up and gave myself to him. He held me very close, and kept almost perfectly still. When I reached down between us to feel how hard he was, and how thick, it somehow set him off. He gasped and I could feel him come. He soaked me, thoroughly. I was amazed, quite pleasantly, at the volume of it.
“You needed that!” I giggled, and he smiled through his bliss. I went off to pee, and he got up and got clean.
When I got back, Monsieur was laying in bed, still naked, and semi hard. I took that as an invitation and got between his legs and just licked it, gently, all over. I was afraid he would stop me; often he gets reluctant afterwards, or maybe guilt or something, but he usually won’t give me a second go. This time he was all for it, and when my jaw got tired of trying to suck him, I pulled off of it, my lips swollen and puffy, and he turned me over and plowed me slowly, from behind.
Older guys rock, especially the second round. OK, I actually don’t really have any way to know how other guys are. Monsieur, I can say, rocks me. He is so patient, and he can go as slowly as I want, but he can also sense when I need him to pound me. Try to get a 20 year old to do that. It ain’t happening. Monsieur was slow at first, teasing me with it; then he reached between us and rubbed me while holding perfectly still. That drove me totally over the edge, and I was soon slamming back against him, clenching the sheets in my hands and crying loud enough to wake the chickens outside.
There was more, about an hour more, but my memory fails me. I should have written all this stuff down immediately afterwards, but after that last clench-and-withdrawal, sleep took me quickly.
The next day I felt like I was floating.
After the boys were upstairs tonight, he reminded me that tomorrow we meet with his attorney on Riverside to finalize and sign the guardianship stuff. That means I can authorize anything concerning the boys. I don’t know why this somehow makes what I am doing that much more legitimate, but it does. It means he’s not just fucking his nanny. It means that his girlfriend takes care of and teaches his kids. And I’m his girlfriend.
In your face, Fran Drescher.


introspectre said...

I cry.

introspectre said...

ps) Marry me. Somehow. Fake lesbian ceremony? I don't know.

Passionate Man said...


Neil said...

Good for you. And congrats.

daisy said...

I am in such need of an evening of lovin' such as that! congrats...but I am jealous. ;)

daisy said...

jealous of the lovin'. Absolute congrats on the guardianship.
*just so there is no confusion there.

Cardman said...

Dang, dang, and more dang. You guys are in such a happy place it's not even funny.

gandhi rules said...

Wow, that was seriously hot.

introspectre said...

It was the "in your face, Fran Drescher" part that just killed me.

Oh god.

(laughs even after rereading it for the umpeenth time)