Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Some of you, my dear bloggites, have stated that they don’t really care for the intimate details about my sex life, and that it’s demeaning for them to read about, and/or that I might want to reconsider. Some have stated that they love them, and read about them with great enthusiasm. Most don’t say anything whatsoever, so I’m asking my dear bloggites using this highly unscientific poll:
Do you want the intimate details?
You betcha! The juicier, the better!
Not really, but I don't mind. I just skip them.
No. Disgusting. I'd rather read a wet newspaper.
Will you please show me your cooter?


Shaun said...

I choose 'E'... it's your blog post what you want.

Cardman said...

I'm with shaun above, but I also voted for A, well, because, ummmm, you write so well! Yeah, that's it! Hey, can we vote more than once? 'Cause D ain't a bad choice either. :-)

the Yearning Heart said...

Thanks, guys. You know, I will post what I want. I'm just interested in your opinions.
Hmm, Cardman, I don't know if you can vote more than once but I will keep your second choice in mind. :)

jackt said...

With every such post I'd like a video to verify authenticity.

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

I went for A.. yes.. it is so arousing soetimes to read others and it is giving me ideas...;-)) But. this is your place and you give what you feel is ok with you to give... what people wants isn't important at all..;-))