Friday, June 16, 2006

Yet another visit

I’ve been talking to my mom and she had hinted about visiting over the summer. She works for a school district, and though summer is not a totally empty time for her, it’s still the best time for her to take a vacation. I suggested the July 4th week, so that she’d get the holiday too and then use some vacation time along with it.
“Are you sure it’s OK with Monsieur?” she asked.
“I’ll check with him – but you know, Mom, I’m allowed visitors. I’m not Tess of the D’Urbervilles here, you know.”
Later I checked with Monsieur and he seemed very enthusiastic. “Yes,” he said, “I look forward to it. Shall I invite her myself?”
Negotiations have been going back and forth between my mom and her work, and my brother’s job which may or may not start by then, but this is what we know as the facts on the ground now stand at this moment*: My mom, and possibly my brother, will be coming down for a week beginning on the 1st of July.

*An actual phrase I overheard on FOXNews.

I am, um, pleased. Yes….
Yes. I am. I am pleased.
Who wouldn’t be pleased? My mom’s fine.
Isn’t she? Sure, she is. She’s groovy.
And my brother. I just hope he doesn’t bring weed.
This will be fun. Won’t it? Sure, it will. Yup, yup, yup.

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