Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Are you a good mom, or a bad mom?"

My friend M from high school has two little kids. We chatted and she said she would never have believed that I, of all people, would be on the phone with her talking about how to get boys to take off their clothes and get into the bath, or how to get poop stains out of rayon.
“You’re a good mom,” she said.
“I’m not a mom at all!” I laughed, and we both laughed at that.
“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” she said, laughing.
“I’m not a witch, I’m not a witch!”
“Hey, remember, it didn’t matter to the Munchkins whether Dorothy thought she was a witch or not,” M pointed out to me. “Her house landed on the bad witch, so Dorothy must have been a good witch. Even if she wasn’t a witch at all.”
“Well, what does that prove?” I wondered.
“Well, in the last ten minutes, while we’ve been talking, you’ve said both ‘Take that outside!’ and ‘You heard me!’ plus you’ve put one boy in time-out. Not only do you sound like a mom, you sound like a good one.”
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Shaun said...

But you are a good mom. We've all read the stories here. This is one of those times when it's good to be judged by others.

Romancing Simplicity said...

I'm going to agree with both your friend and with Shaun. We have been reading what you write, and you seem to be a sincerely loving and caring mother to those boys. You are there for them, supporting and encouraging and reassuring and helping and mothering every step of the way. There are bad moms in this world; you just aren't one of them.