Thursday, June 22, 2006

Excuse the Ring


PHONE rings

Yearning Heart: Hello?

Kim B (v.o.): Oh hi! This is Kim.

Yearning Heart: Hello, Kim.

Kim B (v.o.): How are you guys doing?

Yearning Heart: We’re very good! And how are you?

Kim B (v.o.): Good, thanks. Can I talk to [Monsieur]?

Yearning Heart: Sure, hang on. Monsieur?!

MONSIEUR comes downstairs to the phone

Yearning Heart: (whispers) It’s Kim.

Monsieur:(frowning slightly) (to phone) Yes? (pause) Yes, how are you? (listens) Yes, well enough. (pause) Yes, can I ask you, is this important? We are having family time. (pause) Yes, very good, thank you. (He hangs up)

Yearning Heart: (comes around the corner from where she was listening) You know, you could have talked to her.

Monsieur:Indeed. To what end?

Yearning Heart: (grinning) You’d really rather hear me read Laura Ingalls Wilder to the kids?

Monsieur:I find you charming and captivating as a reader. Particularly as the voice of Pa. (He turns and goes back upstairs.)

Yearning Heart: (whispers to phone triumphantly) DE-NIED!


Cardman said...

Oh yea, score one for the home team.

introspectre said...