Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And they still haven't found what they're looking for

This week’s Search Engine Referrals Fun:
  • ass fucking
    ([yawn] - that one has jumped the shark, I would think - oh but they’re coming from a domain in Greece… ‘nuff said.)
  • what is avowe
    (from Turkey, and I’m impressed that someone finally found my Talk Like a Pirate Day post after almost nine months)
  • girl masturbating mirror
    (hmm … interesting idea)
    and the usual suspects:
  • pussy (5 different visitors)
  • nipples (3)
  • naughty girl (7)
    but my personal favorite has got to be:
  • northwestern women’s soccer underwear and blindfold


Obesio said...

Ass fucking never jumps the shark. Never.

introspectre said...


I haven't checked mine recently. I really stopped checking them much at all after I added a few ageplay stories. The searches that got people to my site then started getting...gross.

the Yearning Heart said...

obesio - I didn't mean ass fucking per se has jumped the shark, I mean the novelty that someone who was searching for "ass fucking" had found my blog. I talk about my ass, and about fucking, and naturally they beat a path to my back door. (Heh.)
Now, "ass fucking women's soccer underwar blindfold" would probably make my eyebrows go up.
IntroSpecial - ewww.

Hong Fu said...

very true, moist peoples look for strange thing on blogger interweb search. I think more find you better you put picture of your ass naked, no with cloths on. Peoples enjoy to see, and not pron at all.

figleaf said...

"northwestern women’s soccer underwear and blindfold" Doh, that was me! :-)

Ok, not really but if I ever started dating again I might try it in a personal ad on Craigs List.

Take care,


amber said...

sigh.... what does "jump the shark" mean?

Anonymous said...

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