Wednesday, May 03, 2006

86 the Wingnuts

When I worked in that little diner in Austin, I remember there was a cook who would “call” the tickets. He was hilarious, because there was this “code” he would use to tell the other cook what orders were coming in.
For example, I would turn in an order that had a short stack of blueberry pancakes, a #5 (ham and cheese) omelet, a Breakfast Special and two eggs, scrambled, home fries and whole wheat toast. The ticket was written automatically by the order machine:
#1 OE scram HF WW
and he would pull the ticket off the rack and call out “Short Blue! BuFu! #5! WW! SCRAM!!!” and then they would put the food on to cook. I liked the way he yelled, “SCRAM!!”
He also had other codes, like for a “to go” order he would yell, “Walkin’!” at the end of calling out the order.
It was really funny to hear someone talk that way. I tried to talk like that, unlike the other waitrons, because it was fun and it really broke up the monotony.I would have fun with him by making up my own weird codes:
“Hey, Manny: Wingnut Slipstream, Mary Nine with a Cow! Horse Fist!”
And he would reply back, “Sorry, we’re 86 the Wingnuts till 3 PM.”

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Cardman said...

I've always thought it would be fun to have a restaraunt where the staff was intentionally rude and came up with wacky terms for food.