Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Finding the right man or the right bra

is pretty much the same, almost-hopeless, exercise:
  • You look for one that supports but doesn't cut into you.
  • It should look good by itself when nothing is over it, and it should look good in clothes.
  • It shouldn't reveal too much and it should stay on you right.
  • Try not to let your mom pick one out for you.
  • Some last longer than others.
  • And when it's completely worn out and there are big gaping holes near the cups, it's time to let it go; don't let your kids play with your old ones, no matter how much fun they think it is or how cute they look playing with one.


jackt said...

Both think their job is to support your breasts.

the Yearning Heart said...

jack! giggles and as usual the inanimate object is the one that's right.

allison said...

I have yet to find either.