Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Yearning Heart is so hard to buy things for

Anyone who can, visit my wish list and tell me what I want for my birthday, which will be this Sunday on May 21st. I have no idea what I want. Well, ya I do, but I mean, something from a store.


Aine said...

You really should get a digital camera, but not the one you have listed. I have a Canon Powershot SD450, which cost about $400, but was SO worth it. Depends on how good of a girl you've been this year, right? :)

the Yearning Heart said...

I like the results - but seriously honey, we need $400 towards a car more than we need a $400 camera.

Desireous said...

Hey there sister Gemini! Mines the 26th! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Aine said...

Car, smar. :)